We will reference all resources, training programs, books and more that we
here for you to access easily.

Million Dollar Emails was released many years ago, but the examples are gold.

This book is full of links and many will be expired, but the flow of the emails will always
be applicable because they were written by big name copywriters talking to your real
product, (people).

I know the information in this publication will help you when crafting messages to
prospects. Personally I have a love/hate relationship when it comes to writing copy.

I studied it years ago before I launched our very successful Confessions of a Network
Marketing Millionaire

Fundamentally I don’t believe you should just tell people what they want to hear, and
that is what most ad copy does. For many it is about provoking an emotional action
from those who are looking for the fu-fu dust to make them rich.

I think in the today’s marketing world being authentic is one of the most important
characteristics of leadership.

There is no question that this information will help you craft effective emails…

I am not one to argue with some of the most successful copywriters in the world, but
when people respond you must be authentic and treat them the way you want to be
treated. If you don’t have a deep belief and conviction regarding your products and
opportunity, the best structured email in the world will be of little long term value.



When putting together your franchise, your unified duplicatable systems for your team,
I think it is important that you have a great understanding of the misinformation and
propaganda that will fill your distributors email boxes and social media channels daily.

For that reason, I wanted to make certain that you have a clear understanding of where
the network marketing business model is right now and what its going to take for you
to separate your organization from the masses in and outside your own company.

“When you unify your organization, you separate it from the masses. The masses in the
industry are running around working hard but have no clear path, no vision of what they
are building.”

That type of shot gun approach is unacceptable for you as a Network Marketing
Leadership Development Academy Members.


I also want you to take the time to download and read this booklet. You can not rise
above the masses and set your organization apart from all the chatter if you don’t
have a clear understanding of what the chatter in the market is.

Download Here