The two most important articles ever written in the history of network
marketing (in my opinion) are:

1. I Thought I  Knew What Made Me Successful But I Was Wrong, by
Mark Yarnell.

2. The Land of 10,000 Unrecruited Heavy Hitters, by Len Clements.

Both of these articles are in the free PDF by clicking the link below.


I hope you find all the articles in this PDF valuable, but want to
encourage you to really take some time, and study,
about, even memorize the ones by Len and Mark.

Consider when they articles were written and it will become more
than obvious when the network marketing profession got off track.

I am depending on you, NWMLDA members, to help restore the
business model to where it deserves to be.

The Greatest Opportunity in the World for people to start with a
very small investment and create Generational Wealth.

The best part is giving individuals to live a life of significance
and really make a positive impact on people now, and generations
to follow…